Thursday, March 26, 2015

KC ReWrite

1.  Oxymoron?  Smart Highway in Missouri.  Added bonus, the engineer is from Raytown (where all great ideas come from)

3.  Ignorant people of North JOCO fight redevelopment and embrace blight.  This story posted in the same freaking week shows people bitching about the blight that has all ready taken place and what they should do to fix it.  UNREAL

4.  Kansas City is about to lose Uber because of the politicians want and desire to destroy the free market and bow down to the taxi unions.  What service would the city actually be performing in exchange for the outrageous fees that the city is trying to impose.... Nothing.  This is nothing more than extortion.  How about focusing on crime and fixing your F'd up schools instead of this crap

5.  Johnson County has a new place to eat that features girls with daddy issues bringing them food.  Sadly, men in Johnson County will flock to this place because they think that their last waitress REALLY REALLY liked them.