Sunday, December 09, 2012

N. Joco Residents are doomed

Plans to build another outer loop highway are on the way and people in Joco that own property inside of 435 should be worried.  If this plan becomes reality then you can kiss your property value good bye and witness the Bannistering of everything North of College Blvd and East of Renner.  

Joco leaders lack any and all concern for the damage that sprawl causes to areas that are currently thriving and other parts of the county that are struggling that are currently inside the loop.  Roeland Park, Fairway, Merriam and parts of Shawnee are all ready crap holes, can you imagine how bad those areas will be if this takes place?

Ed Eilert and the rest of the old ass elitist in this town could careless about the future of this county.  They won't be alive to see Northern Joco turn into a crap hole.  No they will just enjoy the power that they will have if this project gets the  go ahead.

They will have fun seizing property from citizens and determining the price of the land that they jack from private citizens. Eilert and his buddies have a long history of power grabbing and influence peddling.  Ever hear of the Mall of the Suburbs?  Remember how much they purchased that piece of crap bowling alley that NOBODY wanted to buy......