Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Dreams Crushed in North Overland Park

For the past 15 years, people in Overland Park have wondered what would take the place of Metcalf South.  Would it be a huge park?  How about an area like Prarie Fire or Park Place?   Maybe a retailer that the area doesn't have will move into the area to draw traffic to the area (see IKEA).  Sports fields? Arena? Corporate HQ Campus? 


Have you driven by the area?  What a damn joke.  Right across the street from it is a freaking HOME DEPOT so the area really doesn't need a new hardware store let alone a hardware store that already has several locations in the area.  Has anyone honestly ever felt like they were neglected by the number of hardware stores in the area?

JOCOians that have grown up in the area have been hoodwinked, bamboozled and completely let down by the city planner that allowed for this to happen.  Can anyone in this area get anything right when a mall gets torn down?  Remember the MISSION MALL disaster?  They will go from Aquariums, hotels and multiuse to a freaking Walmart,  Bank of America and Starbucks, just you watch and see.  

BUT that is all North JOCO and doesn't really matter to those of us South of  127th street!  They wouldn't dare let some crappy redevelopment/development happen in our precious land of Blue Valley.  Hell Walmart made their store brick just to move in and that was 15 years ago.   

If you drive out our way you would swear that you were in a different city than OP and if you like it out here, good luck trying to buy a house because prices have gone up so much that a starter house goes for $250K.   

So let them destroy Downtown OP, put a museum in a freaking bowling alley and tear down a landmark and replace it with a Lowes based shopping center.  Let the idiots get all of their bad ideas out of their system before they come out my way.  The only blighted shopping area left is Rosana Square and that is on, oh crap 119th street!!!!