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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Back to School Covid Scare - Courtesy of the KC STAR

 To start, I stopped paying for paywall access, the shit is always the same once you get past the freaking headline.  Case in Point...

So The Star ran a story about an issue that nobody gave 2 shits about regarding Covid today in an effort to regain the toxic dialogue from the past 2 years.  The site, hospitals being concerned about kids retruning to school and spreading Covid while the hospitals are short staffed............. 

Did the Star miss the latest liberal talking points?  I mean even the cowards on the left are sending their kids to school.  They got their marching orders from Fauci, who was wrong again and stated that kids staying home causes more damage than kids going to school.  So ummm.  WTF.  

Is there not a Whataburger opening this week?  Why the hell are they creating this bullshit panic?  These dipshits are even calling for kids to wear masks in class again, despite them being proven to not work!  

The story is full of contradictions.  Do yourself a favor, live your life and take what precautions that you have been for the past 8 months.  Do not buy into the panic.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Fauci gone - JOCO Liberal women in tears

Suddenly all of the men that the lib women of JOCO were swooning over during

Covid are gone, and most of them with shit on their names.  For months we heard about how great both the Cuomos were and then........ Then thank god for Fauci, and then...  

This man was your hero ladies(used graciously) for disagreeing with the Orange man all the while leading us to bullshit policies, lies, deceit, and blood all over his hands.  What exactly did this clown do for you during Covid?  Told you to wear masks that didn't work, kept your kids home from school which later turned out to be a bad move, locked down the country and caused millions to go without work, small businesses to close, and huge government payments to people that lead to fraud and inflation.  

Yes, this is your savior.  lol.  


All under the guidance that was given by the guy that was supposed to be protecting Americans from just that.  Only in government can you suck at a job for 50 years and retire on your own terms, with a giant pension.  

Friday, September 17, 2021

Laura Loomer - American Idiot

 I try not to add names of the alt-right to any of my posts/titles/stories but this one takes this one has to be covered because she MIGHT be one of the biggest idiots in America.  You see this is yet another alt-right conspiracy theory wacko that got Covid and now regrets what she said.  

  • Do we feel bad for her getting Covid?  No
  • Did she get the vaccine? No
  • Did she tell everyone that Covid was like food poisoning?  Yes
  • Did she use the pandemic to get followers and likes?  Yes

This is what happens when you choose not to get vaccinated.  Yes, the choice is yours (and should be) but when you choose wrong, you are an idiot.  This is just one out of a thousand terrible takes that this woman has had since she hit the scene a few years ago.  If you are a Republican that supports this woman and the things that she says, please leave the party ASAP. 

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Texas Abortion - AND GO

 Normally, I don't discuss abortion on this site.  My personal stances are just that, personal.  BUT this whole Texas Abortion Bill has both sides looking like complete idiots. This always happens when people, governments, courts, etc.. start interfering with personal liberties  It took me about 2 minutes to see the hypocrisy from both sides.  Let's take a journey into the minds of self-righteous idiots from the left and the right.  


You see, for decades it was always the argument of those in favor of abortion that it was THEIR BODY, THEIR CHOICE.  Yet they throw that argument away when it comes to getting a Covid Vaccine.  Then suddenly the CDC, the government, courts, and everyone that is vaccinated are entitled to demanding that you inject something into your body.  They are willing to have employers, schools, law enforcement, and entertainment venues restrict your access to "life" if you do not allow them to dictate to you how to treat your body.

They say it is for the safety of other lives besides those of the person refusing to get the shot.  That by not getting the Fauci Ouchi that they would-be murderers...


You see for decades it was always the argument of those against abortion that it was murder if they got an abortion.  That they should have a say in how a woman treats her body in order to protect the life of the baby. Who is simply sitting there chilling in the womb minding its own business and due to someone's decision, they are killed.  They have passed laws etc... to limit the control a woman has over their body.  

Then enter COVID shots and all of a sudden they start stating that nobody should have any say over their body.


Monday, August 30, 2021

Idiots are dying

You do not have to be as brilliant as I am to have seen the two stories coming that I am linking below.  The fact that these idiots were the most vocal of the anti-vaxxers out there is what makes this news.  

1.  Florida Radio dude who was known as Mr. Anti-Vaxx, died from...... umm Covid

2.   Texas 30-year-old leader of the Anti-Vaxx movement died from....umm Covid

As I have said, every American should make their own decisions on getting a shot or not.  So these 2 overly vocal men have now dealt with the consequences of their decision.  So do yourself a favor and if you haven't been jabbed, get jabbed.  You are not proving a point by not getting it.  You are not a hero or brave.  Will their tombstones forever read "he was so brave for not getting the vaccination"?  No.

You are not a soldier fighting for freedom against an enemy that wants to see us dead.  You are a dude that was probably for the shot but changed his mind once Biden won.  People need to learn when to take a stand and more importantly, what issues are worth dying for. Covid shots, not worth dying for.  

I do not care how many of you idiots email me wishing I would change my stance or stop reading because I support people getting shots.  I can think of a million other things worth dying for and almost as many other ways I rather die than drowning in a pool of my own snot with tubes shoved down my throat.  Trust me, I have faced death multiple times in many different formats and am still in one of those battles.  If someone came to you and said, here take this shot and the chances of you dying from cancer if you ever have it will be greatly diminished, you will of course get the shot.  Right?????????

Monday, August 23, 2021

KC Covid Coverage sill doesn't "get it" - Time for a Covid Vac Tax Credit

 “I’ve heard from a number of people that said they are very willing to get the vaccine as soon as FDA approval comes through. And that’s fantastic and I hope that’s true,”

That quote is from a story written in the Star regarding the FDA approving the Pfizer vaccination. 

And yes I am fully vaccinated, it wasn't even a debate to me.  Shot in the arm to not die = no brainer.  When I went into the Marine Corps, I received 15+ vaccinations that I had no idea about within a 90-day window.  I lived, kinda.  

Now ask yourself this, have you heard a single person say this?  Yeah, me neither.  We have come to a crossroads in vaccinations in this country and it is time for us all to plan accordingly.  There are those folks out there that for whatever reason they claim will never get the Fauci Ouchi.  Especially now that they are coming out and saying that we need a 3rd shot and probably a 4th one after that.  Especially now that we all know people that are getting Covid, we all have to wear masks, etc.. even if you get the shot. 

Freedom was the main motivator for most people to get the vaccination.  When you take away the "perk" of living life as normally as possible once you get the shot then you are eliminating that motivator.  When you tell people that they are more likely to survive Covid with a shot, those same people do not think they will get Covid regardless and do not regard that as motivation.  

The CDC needs to show us REAL numbers for the following broken down between general population and vaccinated

  • What percentage of Americans get seriously ill from Covid?
  • What percentage of Americans die once they get Covid?
  • How much of an increase in protection does someone gain that has recovered from Covid (has antibodies) 
  • How much protection do masks give to people that are vaccinated?
  • What percentage of school kids die from Covid?
  • How many people end up on ventilators that catch Covid?
  • When you subtract overweight and elderly from the equation, what is the mortality rate for Covid?
These questions should be readily available at all medical facilities, social media platforms, and local/federal government websites.  BUT IT ISN'T!  Why is this? Why is doing taxes easier than getting basic standardized Covid info that is backed by research, stats, and clearly written for those with a 5th-grade education or better?

This lack of standardized info should alarm everyone.  Until this happens, the unvaccinated will not comply, and the more you make them villains, the stronger the stance they will take.  It is like a moronic badge of honor for them and they celebrate their stance.  Soooooooooooo

It is time for this country to move on and accept the fact that unless you are old, fat, and unhealthy you will not die from Covid and yes you will probably catch it.  So get your freaking shots and survive Covid.  Otherwise, it might be time to discuss a Covid Vaccination Tax Credit where those of us that have gotten the shot get a tax break by not using up government resources to care for those that choose to roll the dice.  Anytime the government wants us to living our lives a certain way they always hand out tax credits, this should be no different.

Friday, August 20, 2021


Gov Kelly literally said that that there are people out there using Covid to divide us...  Ummm doesn't she do that on a daily basis?  I love how she keeps trying to make this a political issue when studies have shown that unvaccinated people are split evenly between party lines.  Trying to say that if someone is against a government mandating the behavior of its citizens is the same as saying that you shouldn't get shots or wear masks is idiotic at best.  AT BEST.  In this case, it is nothing more than the power-hungry Parks and rec director trying to divide Kansans more than they already are. If you would listen to her speak then you would think that 100% of liberals in Kansas are vaccinated (they are not). 

My Covid philosophy is extremely simple to follow and depends heavily on personal freedoms granted to us in the constitution.  

1.  Get the shots - If you do not get the shots and you get sick, don't bitch and you should lose your hospital bed if someone that does get the shot (that was supposed to work right) gets sick.  

2.  Wear a mask in high infected areas - If you choose not to, so be it, deal with the outcome.  

3.  If you do not get a vaccine, don't bitch if you get sick, do not take up resources for those that did get the shots.  

If I am vaccinated, why do I give a crap if the person next to me decides to roll the dice and gets sick?  When you tell me that I can still get sick despite being vaccinated, then why the hell are we being told to get the damn shot?  It seems that they are now saying that we are at just as much risk of getting Covid with or without the shot, the only difference is if you live or die.  So, get the shot, stay alive. DUH.  If you want to risk death, by all means, do it.  It is no different than any other of the 1000 life decisions that you make on a daily basis that could result in if you live or die or harm people around you.  

I get it, there are many of you that your Covid stance has become your entire identity.  You see it daily on social media from both sides.  

You have liberal twits thinking that every Republican is against the vaccine, yet they were all stating that they would never get the shot because it was a Trump shot. Biden gets elected and suddenly the shot is safe to them, makes perfect umm sense.  They spend all day on social media spewing hate and feel like they are part of some movement or something for the first time in their pathetic little lives.  Most of these people are cowards that never spoke up before Covid about well, anything.  They desperately need to keep Covid in their lives or else they will lose a part of their new identity.  Also, if you have been a vaccine skeptic in the past and are now suddenly a pro-vaccine person yelling at people not wanting to get shots., you are the biggest loser in all groups. Also, look into your own party and make sure that they are vaccinated before you start saying that it is all a one-party issue, You might actually learn something and come across as a level-headed human for the first time in your life.  

Then you have the group that believes that microchips are in the virus etc...  These same people make these idiotic posts from their smartphones that actually do track you.  These cowards are afraid to get a needle stuck into their arms, yet discuss revolution?  WAKE UP.  75% of the population now has shots and guess what, we aren't all dropping dead, we haven't turned into zombies and we haven't had listening devices implanted into our bodies.  AND EVEN IF we had microchips implanted in us, what do you have going on in your life that you need to worry about if someone overhears a conversation that you have? If you are worried that your buddies might think you are a sellout for getting a shot don't worry, that buddy probably won't be alive long enough to give you crap.  

Wednesday, August 04, 2021


If you live in East KCMO, what are you at greater risk of dying from, Covid or a bullet?  
Are you more at risk of getting sick from Covid or getting robbed/raped/beaten/stabbed?  

Those statistics might shock a lot of people.  

Those that reside in high crime areas should be mandated to wear Bulletproof vests for their own safety and the safety of those around them.  It doesn't matter if the person is involved in illegal activities, they are at risk due to the behaviors of those around them.  

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Did KC Just say that the Fauci Ouchi doesn't work?

 Disclaimer:  I am vaccinated and believe that getting the shot for my situation was the right thing to do.

The messaging regarding vaccinations from the left since they decided to politicize it last fall has been a complete and total disaster.  The same people that are now mandating vaccinations were the very ones that put fear into half the country regarding their trustworthiness.  NOW, these same people are saying that EVEN IF YOU HAVE THE VACCINE, you still must wear masks in public and hell if they had it their way, even while you are asleep at home.  

Do not get it twisted, this is not about "The Science" that all of the lunatics on the left proclaim to be following.  It is about control and power.  If it is about "The Science" then our scientists are absolute morons because they have been wrong on this thing almost the whole way.  Every 3 weeks the messaging on what is safe, precautions to take, economic outlook, schools, etc.. CHANGE.  

So when the mayor of KCMO says that mask mandates are back yet pushing for more people to get vaccinated what is he really saying? Variants aren't new to viruses, and shots that don't always work(see flu shots every year).  So are we really going to live our lives in constant lockdowns and maskings for a virus that will probably be as common as the flu?  The shots are meant to keep you from having a bad reaction to Covid if you catch it and yes it will prevent certain strands from latching on to you.  THAT IS IT!  If you hear someone saying that Covid will go away, they are wrong, so it is time for society to move on and deal with that fact.  Not hide and overreact.  If you notice, despite covid cases rising, the deaths from Covid aren't.  

The mayor of KCMO would much rather the city focus on Covid than his terrible handling of crime, race relations, gentrification, failing schools, CRT, and police funding.  And guess what, you fucking idiots will fall for it and at the end of the new clampdowns those problems will still be there.  Many of the residents in the city however will not.  They will either be dead from a lack of funding to the police departments or have moved into areas with schools that are fully accredited and do not teach CRT.  


Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Vaccines Work or Don't They???????????????

 So, I have been vaccinated since May so those of you that want to flame me for being antivaccination are barking up the wrong tree here.  You see, unlike many recent converts to both wokeness and science on the left, I have always believed they work.  I find it funny that there are sooooooo many people out there that were against vaccinating their children because they didn't trust them but are now out here lecturing others on getting the shot.  I guess those people were ignorant then or suddenly became proscience!  Trust me, I know these people and I laugh at how ignorant and desperate they sound just so they can appear to be part of the socialist movement.

Having said all of that, I want to see if I can track the logic coming from the incompetent Fauci and vacant-minded Biden. So here we go.

`1.  Biden and Harris came out and said that they wouldn't trust any vaccine that came out during warp speed because the orange man oversaw it.

2.  Biden wins and they both immediately get the shot

3.  Despite getting the shot all socialists continue to wear masks in congress going as recently as May despite the CDC stating that masks for people that have gotten the shots do not need to wear them.

4.  Then masks disappear

5.  Biden pushes for 70% of Americans to get the shots by July 4th, they don't.  

6.  The narrative from the left becomes that Republicans are against the shot, despite statistics that show that the majority of the folks that are not getting vaccinated are minorities (as low as 34% of certain ethnic groups regardless of population).

7.  The left puts pressure on private employers to mandate shots to return to work

8.  The left takes over the censorship arm of social media platforms to control the narrative that they want to push

9.  The left says that you are killing people, companies are killing people, social media platforms are killing people if they do not get the shot, control who can go to work/school, and the narrative that they want.

10.  Masks are back EVEN IF YOU HAVE THE SHOT

11.  Threats of lockdowns and restrictions EVEN IF YOU HAVE THE SHOT

12.  PEOPLE ARE GETTING COVID despite having been vaccinated 

So does the CDC, Whitehouse, Socialist, etc.. believe in the vaccination or are they just trying to make it yet another thing to divide Americans?

To me it is simple, you have the option to get the shot, that responsibility falls on you as the individual.  If the shot works, then people like me that have the shot should have nothing to worry about if they do not get vaccinated. If those people want to roll the dice then let them and let them deal with the consequences.  Why would I care if someone is putting their own personal safety at risk?  I don't give a shit about the 100 other life decisions that people make on a daily basis that does not affect my personal safety, how is this so different?

Monday, June 21, 2021

Only 43% of Kansans have shots???????????

 WTF!  Hey idiots, the shots are safe.  If my cancer-having ass can survive getting
2 doses of the Pfizer vaccination then you sure the fuck can.  There is no longer a waiting period, line, rationing, etc. NO, they are throwing them away because they are not being used! 

Stop your crying and get a shot!  Now having said that...

Notice that all of a sudden liberals are trying to say this is a Republican issue?  Was it not the party of idiots that said that they wouldn't trust any "Trump vaccine" that is now saying that Republicans don't get shots?  How many of these people pushing Covid shots are the same people that refused to get their kids shots for school?  Trust me, I know these recent converts to woke liberalism that raise their kids on supplements, whole foods, and few vaccinations that are suddenly all pro-science because some idiot on MSNBC or celeb on Twitter said it was cool  Weak-minded lost souls.  

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Streamers are doomed due to "Covid Relief" bill

Leave it to government to slip in bullshit rules like THIS ONE in the middle of a damn pandemic.
Ask yourself this, if they are willing to pass noncovid related crap in a bill that is suppose to add some relief during 300k deaths then what do you think they do with all of the other crap. There is always pork, we get that, but come on, something so arbitrary as a 10 year bid for illegal streamers?  

Which lobbyist and lawmakers did this?