Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Back to School Covid Scare - Courtesy of the KC STAR

 To start, I stopped paying for paywall access, the shit is always the same once you get past the freaking headline.  Case in Point...

So The Star ran a story about an issue that nobody gave 2 shits about regarding Covid today in an effort to regain the toxic dialogue from the past 2 years.  The site, hospitals being concerned about kids retruning to school and spreading Covid while the hospitals are short staffed............. 

Did the Star miss the latest liberal talking points?  I mean even the cowards on the left are sending their kids to school.  They got their marching orders from Fauci, who was wrong again and stated that kids staying home causes more damage than kids going to school.  So ummm.  WTF.  

Is there not a Whataburger opening this week?  Why the hell are they creating this bullshit panic?  These dipshits are even calling for kids to wear masks in class again, despite them being proven to not work!  

The story is full of contradictions.  Do yourself a favor, live your life and take what precautions that you have been for the past 8 months.  Do not buy into the panic.