Wednesday, August 24, 2022

How are Liberals F'ing your life up today?

 I mean honestly, these dipshits think about how they can ruin your life more than
they do to improve their own lives.  They are always crying that the world is going to end from some man-made bullshit, or that the government isn't giving them enough and protecting them from themselves.  The paranoia in this group is next level.  Always in other people's business because that is how they create their own self-worth. 

1.  California will no longer sell new cars that run on gas.  Because these batteries are magic and do not require fossil fuels to charge them.  Also, ever seen how these batteries are made?  What it does do to the environment?  The fact that you cant ever dispose of them?  Good call 

2.  If you commit a crime, the government will implant a chip into your body.  No big brother here..

3.  The "mayor" of Chicago is now waying that ads against her have darkened her skin?  Are you shitting me? Is this woman now trying to run as a white person?  Even though she kept white folks in the media out of her office?  

4.  Home prices decline at a rate faster than in 2011.  Shoulda sold sooner.  Also, your home price is going down, but your property taxes are increasing.  Hmmm

5.  Super Woke Starbucks, isn't woke when it comes to Unions.  When the left eat each other it is so satisfying 

6.  Both Bidens have such crappy immune systems that they have both now caught Covid right after they were negative for Covid.  Maybe wearing a mask everywhere you go has weakened your imune system....  Or maybe you are just an ancient relic full of cognitive decline that is prone to sickness now.

7.  Italian man tested positive for Covid, MonkeyPox, and HIV all at the same time.  Look for him to be in the balcony of Biden's state of the union and keynote speaker at their convention in a couple of years.

8.  Liberals hate everything, including food, which is why they continue to push eating bugs on us.

9.  Biden gives handouts to leftists by canceling 10k off of their student loansA huge middle finger to those that served their country or worked to earn the money for a degree.  

10.  Bird Flu is racist as it only kills Black Vultures in Georgia

11.  Liberal Hollywood elitists are breaking water regulations cus they feel that they are too important to go without.