Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Did KC Just say that the Fauci Ouchi doesn't work?

 Disclaimer:  I am vaccinated and believe that getting the shot for my situation was the right thing to do.

The messaging regarding vaccinations from the left since they decided to politicize it last fall has been a complete and total disaster.  The same people that are now mandating vaccinations were the very ones that put fear into half the country regarding their trustworthiness.  NOW, these same people are saying that EVEN IF YOU HAVE THE VACCINE, you still must wear masks in public and hell if they had it their way, even while you are asleep at home.  

Do not get it twisted, this is not about "The Science" that all of the lunatics on the left proclaim to be following.  It is about control and power.  If it is about "The Science" then our scientists are absolute morons because they have been wrong on this thing almost the whole way.  Every 3 weeks the messaging on what is safe, precautions to take, economic outlook, schools, etc.. CHANGE.  

So when the mayor of KCMO says that mask mandates are back yet pushing for more people to get vaccinated what is he really saying? Variants aren't new to viruses, and shots that don't always work(see flu shots every year).  So are we really going to live our lives in constant lockdowns and maskings for a virus that will probably be as common as the flu?  The shots are meant to keep you from having a bad reaction to Covid if you catch it and yes it will prevent certain strands from latching on to you.  THAT IS IT!  If you hear someone saying that Covid will go away, they are wrong, so it is time for society to move on and deal with that fact.  Not hide and overreact.  If you notice, despite covid cases rising, the deaths from Covid aren't.  

The mayor of KCMO would much rather the city focus on Covid than his terrible handling of crime, race relations, gentrification, failing schools, CRT, and police funding.  And guess what, you fucking idiots will fall for it and at the end of the new clampdowns those problems will still be there.  Many of the residents in the city however will not.  They will either be dead from a lack of funding to the police departments or have moved into areas with schools that are fully accredited and do not teach CRT.