Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Vaccines Work or Don't They???????????????

 So, I have been vaccinated since May so those of you that want to flame me for being antivaccination are barking up the wrong tree here.  You see, unlike many recent converts to both wokeness and science on the left, I have always believed they work.  I find it funny that there are sooooooo many people out there that were against vaccinating their children because they didn't trust them but are now out here lecturing others on getting the shot.  I guess those people were ignorant then or suddenly became proscience!  Trust me, I know these people and I laugh at how ignorant and desperate they sound just so they can appear to be part of the socialist movement.

Having said all of that, I want to see if I can track the logic coming from the incompetent Fauci and vacant-minded Biden. So here we go.

`1.  Biden and Harris came out and said that they wouldn't trust any vaccine that came out during warp speed because the orange man oversaw it.

2.  Biden wins and they both immediately get the shot

3.  Despite getting the shot all socialists continue to wear masks in congress going as recently as May despite the CDC stating that masks for people that have gotten the shots do not need to wear them.

4.  Then masks disappear

5.  Biden pushes for 70% of Americans to get the shots by July 4th, they don't.  

6.  The narrative from the left becomes that Republicans are against the shot, despite statistics that show that the majority of the folks that are not getting vaccinated are minorities (as low as 34% of certain ethnic groups regardless of population).

7.  The left puts pressure on private employers to mandate shots to return to work

8.  The left takes over the censorship arm of social media platforms to control the narrative that they want to push

9.  The left says that you are killing people, companies are killing people, social media platforms are killing people if they do not get the shot, control who can go to work/school, and the narrative that they want.

10.  Masks are back EVEN IF YOU HAVE THE SHOT

11.  Threats of lockdowns and restrictions EVEN IF YOU HAVE THE SHOT

12.  PEOPLE ARE GETTING COVID despite having been vaccinated 

So does the CDC, Whitehouse, Socialist, etc.. believe in the vaccination or are they just trying to make it yet another thing to divide Americans?

To me it is simple, you have the option to get the shot, that responsibility falls on you as the individual.  If the shot works, then people like me that have the shot should have nothing to worry about if they do not get vaccinated. If those people want to roll the dice then let them and let them deal with the consequences.  Why would I care if someone is putting their own personal safety at risk?  I don't give a shit about the 100 other life decisions that people make on a daily basis that does not affect my personal safety, how is this so different?