Friday, September 17, 2021

Laura Loomer - American Idiot

 I try not to add names of the alt-right to any of my posts/titles/stories but this one takes this one has to be covered because she MIGHT be one of the biggest idiots in America.  You see this is yet another alt-right conspiracy theory wacko that got Covid and now regrets what she said.  

  • Do we feel bad for her getting Covid?  No
  • Did she get the vaccine? No
  • Did she tell everyone that Covid was like food poisoning?  Yes
  • Did she use the pandemic to get followers and likes?  Yes

This is what happens when you choose not to get vaccinated.  Yes, the choice is yours (and should be) but when you choose wrong, you are an idiot.  This is just one out of a thousand terrible takes that this woman has had since she hit the scene a few years ago.  If you are a Republican that supports this woman and the things that she says, please leave the party ASAP.