Friday, September 17, 2021

Biden Fridays -

Where does one begin?  The direction this country is headed in is 10x
worse than anything that the Orange fellow could have done with his mean tweets that upset the woke.  At least he was for limited government and strong decisive military action WHEN needed.  Not the current old senile dementia case running the country currently.  

Remember back in May when people were making stupid tweets like, "he still hasn't played golf", "no controversies", "Biden solved Covid"?  Morons, all of them.  

1.  10k Haitians are currently living under a bridge in Texas due to Biden canceling flights to Haiti to return people seeking to enter our country illegally.  

2.  France is pissed at us, yes FRANCE!  They are even recalling their ambassadors.  

3.  7 Kids and 0 terrorists were killed in the drone strike that was supposed to avenge the death of our troops in Afghanistan.  Yes, 7 kids, 3 adults ohhh and a Toyota were all destroyed by a hellfire missile.  

4.  ONE DAY after Biden gives a press conference about the booster shot rollout the FDA denies approval for the additional shot.  I am sure that we all feel a lot better about the "science" that Biden and cronies have been cramming down our throats.

6.  The idiot forgot the Australian PM's FREAKING NAME on a video conference WITH HIM

You liberals sure know how to pick a president and keep in mind, this is only 8 months into this bumbling old fools term.