Monday, June 21, 2021

Only 43% of Kansans have shots???????????

 WTF!  Hey idiots, the shots are safe.  If my cancer-having ass can survive getting
2 doses of the Pfizer vaccination then you sure the fuck can.  There is no longer a waiting period, line, rationing, etc. NO, they are throwing them away because they are not being used! 

Stop your crying and get a shot!  Now having said that...

Notice that all of a sudden liberals are trying to say this is a Republican issue?  Was it not the party of idiots that said that they wouldn't trust any "Trump vaccine" that is now saying that Republicans don't get shots?  How many of these people pushing Covid shots are the same people that refused to get their kids shots for school?  Trust me, I know these recent converts to woke liberalism that raise their kids on supplements, whole foods, and few vaccinations that are suddenly all pro-science because some idiot on MSNBC or celeb on Twitter said it was cool  Weak-minded lost souls.