Friday, October 01, 2021

Biden Fridays - More Failure

To say that Biden is a complete shit show is a little bit too obvious.  His own party is distancing themselves, failing to file inline, and are panicked over 2022.  Half of the people that voted for him are now regretting doing so. and the other half are just too stupid to realize the epic mistake that they made.  

2.  The Democrats are just now realizing that the AOC wing of their party is actually in control and they do not like it.  Lucky for them, AOC hates them as much as she hates the rest of Americans
3.  Iranians are using Kamala's anti-Israel stance in advertisements against Israel.  
4.  Paranoia runs deep among liberals.  Especially with the sketchiest person behind the Russian interference lie, Hillary Clinton.
5.  Politico unleashes the story regarding Joe Biden's false image and his history of lies.  Of course, they wait until after the election to do this so it means absolutely nohting.
6. Biden's next phase in his open border policy is to never send them back.
7.  Even the most liberal of media outlets are now saying that Biden is a liar.
8.  Pentagon officials are now calling Joe Biden a liar over his AFG withdrawal.  
10.  Kamala who has shitty poll numbers is now higher than Bidens.