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Monday, August 16, 2021

Afghanistan Loss could have been prevented several times over 20 years

 Joe Biden has single-handedly shit on the graves of over 2500 dead soldiers and pissed on the boots of those injured.  It is that simple.  For all the mistakes that were made before he was sworn in by many others ironically, including him as VP, it was his "plan " that lead to the cluster fuck that we are witnessing today.  So no matter how many excuses and passing of the blame we hear from the left just remember, whose ultimate strategy it was to exit in the way/time that we did which lead to our loss and humiliation on the global stage But let us look back at the history of this debacle, shall we?  

1.  Sept 11th happens and there wasn't an American alive that said that we shouldn't go to that country and wipe out every single Taliban and Al Queda person walking in the wasteland of a country.  

2.  We experience several key victories and wipe out tens of thousands of fighters.  

3.  George Bush thinks that we should invade Iraq to look for mystery weapons and diverts key assets that could have been used in Afg to Iraq.

4.  We wipe Sadam off the map but stay behind to build a nation.

5.  We hunt for Bin Laden all of Afghanistan only to find him in freaking Pakistan and we kill him.

6.  We stay behind in Afghanistan to build a nation.

5.  Iraq goes to hell under Bush but he sends in a troop surge to stabilize the region.

6.  Obama/Biden enter the office and put huge restrictions on the use of deadly force and neuters our warriors.  He instead uses drones to kill thousands.

7.  Obama/Biden pull troops out of Iraq and the country basically falls into the hands of Iran.

8.  While we are wasting our time in Iraq, ISIS is formed and has become one of the deadliest groups in the world.  Obama/Biden fails to stop their advances and the beheading of Westerners is shown daily on the internet.  

9.  Obama/Biden are so bad at foreign policy that they take their eye off of Afg to do nothing about ISIS except "train" Syrians to help the Kurds in fighting them.  We all know how well we "train" middle eastern fighters now don't we?

10.  Instead of saying Fuck Afg, we stay behind with depleted resources until a surge is now needed there as well.  

11.  Instead of pulling out of Afg after the surge, we once again stay behind to build a nation.  

12.  Afg is a disaster, Iraq is a nightmare and ISIS runs the middle east as Trump enters office

13.  Trump destroys ISIS

14. Instead of pulling out of Afg like he said he would, he decided to delay that action and instead listens to the Generals (who have never won a war) and leaves forces there to build a nation.  

15.  Trump finally decides that Afg is not worth anyone dying over anymore and tries to broker a withdraw of forces agreement with the Taliban which would have allowed for a clean exit for our soldiers and Afg citizens that helped us along the way.  The Taliban knows that Trump is borderline crazy so they are not looking to piss him off because MOAB's will be dropped on their brick shithole houses. 

16.  Biden comes back into office as president and is senile and is a pussy.  The Taliban sees this and once he rejects the initial deal Trump had with them, they put into works a plan to take over Afg. They know that Biden is harmless and any threats he makes will not be backed up.  

17.  Biden just last month said that he has no worries about the Taliban taking control of Afg despite what people are saying on the ground.  Said it would be months before the Taliban could make a dent.

18.  Biden is scheduled to give a news conference today, a month before the 20th anniversary of Sept 11th stating that he fucked up and Afg is lost.  

Both parties share some blame, but let us be honest here, Obama/Biden were the worst offenders with Bush being a not-so-distant 3rd due to his invasion of Iraq.  We could have had a clean victory and avoided all of this is after Bin Laden was killed, we pulled the F out of Afg.  Nation-building should NEVER be part of what the United States does.  How arrogant of a country are we to try to make little United States satellite countries in regions that don't want us and we do not understand.  MAYBE it would have worked had Bush not divided our efforts and went to war with Iraq.  Even then, WHY?  

As a Marine, I am not against war, I am against police actions etc.. When we go in, we need to destroy, win and then get the hell out.  Someone messes with us or an ally, too bad for them.  We shouldn't be spending decades rebuilding shit that we destroyed.  IT IS WAR.  War has consequences for the loser and as a country, we have forgotten that.

Now that we have lost the war in Afghanistan, what will our consequences be?  More terrorism.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Does anyone else get the feeling that we are on the verge of WWIII? If you read the statements in the news and see some of the chess moves taking place through out the world you would have to be blind not to think so. This is a very unstable point in our countries history and the decisions we make today will have a major affect on how we live our lives in the future. Below are just a few of the issues taking place that should cause concern.
  • North Korea
    • They successfully test a nuke
    • They "shut down" there program which I am sure is just a cover for them to work on a delivery system for the nuke.
    • Take hostages from Japan & South Korea
  • Iran
    • Currently working on developing a nuke.
    • Supplying al qaeda with weapons, money and training to fight us in Iraq.
    • Supplying Hezbollah with weapons, money and training to fight Israel in Lebanon.
    • Forming alliances with Venezuela, Russia & China.
    • Pledged the extermination of Israel and all Jews.
    • Lead by a madman
  • Russia
  • Iraq
    • Due to the lack of support shown by this country(dems in congress) for their government they are now starting to sign contracts and set alliances with our enemies.
    • Oil. They have it and everyone wants it.
  • Venezuela
    • Rapidly moving towards communism
    • Calls the United States the devil in front of the UN.
    • Forming alliances with Cuba, Iran & Russia
  • China
    • Anyone believing that China has changed is foolish.
    • Do not forget about Taiwan. With all of the attention in the Middle East recently it is easy to forget about is one of the biggest potential conflicts.
    • Oil. They will do whatever it takes to get a hold of their oil
  • Syria
    • Terrorist safe haven that for whatever reason we never level like a football field.
    • Funneling point for troops and weapons into Iraq and Lebanon for Iran.
    • Trying to build a Nuclear reactor.
    • Believed to be storing Weapons of Mass Destruction
These are just some highlights of what is happening in the world. Now we as a country can take either the Carter approach or the Regan approach to how we handle this. We have seen the Carter approach nearly destroy this country, yet why are so many people willing to reuse it and now call it the Clinton plan?

Sunday, October 14, 2007


By Thomas E. Ricks and Karen DeYoung
Washington Post Staff Writers
Monday, October 15, 2007; A01
The U.S. military believes it has dealt devastating and perhaps irreversible blows to al-Qaeda in Iraq in recent months, leading some generals to advocate a declaration of victory over the group, which the Bush administration has long described as the most lethal U.S. adversary in Iraq.But as the White House and its military commanders plan the next phase of the war, other officials have cautioned against taking what they see as a premature step that could create strategic and political difficulties for the United States. Such a declaration could fuel criticism that the Iraq conflict has become a civil war in which U.S. combat forces should not be involved. At the same time, the intelligence community, and some in the military itself, worry about underestimating an enemy that has shown great resilience in the past.

No, instead you will hear the media declare that it is unfair for al-Qaeda to have to fight against US Troops. They will say that our military is to well trained and to well armed for al-Qaeda to take on. The media and some of you will insist that the government send al-Qaeda arms and that we train them in order to make it a fair fight. To the media and to you liberals any mention of victory for the United States in Iraq brings sadness.