I don't understand the excuse "it's Monday". Lazy incompetent people seem to use that excuse to rationalize their inability fo function in society. These same douche bags can be heard saying "it's late", "I am not a morning person" and "It's Friday". Have you ever wondered when these people are productive?

1. Pakistanis keep it Real. This has to be awesome for ratings.

2. The hatred that I have for this kidnapping rapist make
s me shake.

3. You know times are tough when people are hoping to land
that awesome carni job.

4. As if living in a trailer park wasnt bad enough.

5. Women and Sex.

6. Environmentalist are pissed that this murderer didn't use reusable bags in place of plastic to stash his cut up bodies.

7. Cabbies in NYC are being gunned down at an alarming rate.

8. Thanks to the generosity of others, Newark kids will now have a place to stash their guns at school.

9. 2010 has gone from Space to Camaro Odyssey.

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