Saturday, December 12, 2009


Internet Fact: 145:34.  When writing a blog there is no doubt that you will come across mentally unstable people.  I say this now for everyone to see(just in case) due to the recent harassment that I have undergone for linking to another mans blog in my blogroll.  The safety of myself and my family is now in question due to a link on the internet. 

1.  Our Muslim president hates Christmas.

2.  Tiger Woods is set to quit golf.  I guess working those 4 days a week in interfering with his adultery.

3.  If you are too dumb to use Face Book............

4.  Further proof that the Swine Flu isn't anywhere near as dangerous as the government would lead you to believe.

5.  People that claim to be Animal Tamers get what they deserve in the end. 

6.  Cash is more important than serving the people of his state for Harry Reid.

7.   Obama hires wealth police.

8.  Crips and Bloods have clearer rules of engagement that our soldiers fighting terrorist.

9.  The woman that has had her 19th kid needs to get spayed. 

10.  As most Americans suffer through this recession the bastards at the government are getting rich.