Here are 10 stories for you to read today.  JOCO readers!  Please be nice and read out loud for your KCK and KCMO frieends.

1.  Fox is about to own NBC and I am not just talking about ratings.  Keith Olbermann has to be crapping his pants right about now.
2.  People are actually worried about the mindset of a child rapist.  Remember, these are the same Hollywood douchebags that come out every 4 years and tell you to vote for the socialist candidate.  
3.  The Emperor doesn't want law enforcement officers to do their job if it conflicts with his agenda.  So basically just throw out all laws.
4.  The President makes it possible for his Aunt to stay in a comfy hotel on our dime instead of going to jail

5.  This story about sexless marriages is freaking weird.  
6.  Are there no drugs in Oklahoma???????  Maybe I should move down there and slang some air.

7.  Sitting on your ass will kill you and apparently running will too.  
8.  Awesome footage of bar fight and shoot out.  
9.  Parents are concerned over these costumes YET they let their daughters wear more revealing clothing every other day of the year?  
10.  Under the socialist health care plan DOCTORS WILL BE DRAFTED.  Great, imagine having Carl Peterson drafting your doctor. 

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  1. good stuff today man. Wish I had your edge. Bourbon makes me compliant.