This weather absolutely sucks. Cold, Rain, Clouds and now freezing temperatures and it isn't even November?  I am not sure how the coffee shop burnouts in the Pacific Northwest can face this crap each and every morning.  I can't believe Kurt Cobain lasted as long as he did.

1. Further proof that USA Today only read by people when it is free and laying outside of their hotel room.  

2.  1.57 billion Muslims?  How is this possible?  What the hell would the population be if they didn't suicide bomb and get their skulls pierced with M16 rounds?

3.  Could this slaughter of been prevented if we had more troops manning that outpost?  While Obama waffles and tries to appease the UN and his liberal chums our soldiers are getting slaughtered. 

4.  Global Warming cult members MIGHT want to reconsider their choice in religion.  

5.  If you ever needed any proof that Obama and crew were a bunch of classless a holes well here you go.

6.  Our lord and savior Obama has found yet another way to "protect" us.  

7.  Face Book incest?  

8.  How long will it be before Habitat for Humanity becomes Obama for Humanity? 

9.  Obama voters swap government assistance for Booze and Drugs........They are just getting some of that Obama crack and Obama mad dog.

10.  Self inflected sauna deaths in Arizona. 

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