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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Daily Link Blast

Ok, so I might of missed a couple days....

1.  Just in time for spring break - 50 drinking games to get you hammered
2.  40 awesome Charlie Sheen quotes
3.  10 Worst selling cars of all time
4.  What did Beyonce do to get all of this money from Gadhafi?  slut.
5.  The 10 greatest submarines
6.  The 100 best toys of all time
7.  "Why men look at women and their beautiful legs".  Did we need a study on this?
8.  Great way to Tweet at work without being caught - Spreadtweets
9.  Modern Drunkard Magazine - Awesome
10.  Does anything beat a link titled - 20 Hottest Pillow Fight Girls
11.  Tony in the Pitch - Great Story.  

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Daily Link Blast

Here are some great links that we found from around the web this week. 

1.  Top 10 Stupidest toys of all time
2.  Top 10 Video Game Weapons you will need for the Apocalypse
3.  New Beastie Boys Album this April
4.  History of Bond Cars Infographic
5.  The 10 best Life Size Mazes in the world.  These are awesome.
6.  The city of St. Louis has more shrinkage than George Costanza
7.  7 Facebook Search Engines that don't suck
8.  11 Examples of Bad Parenting
9.  Top 10 Misleading Career Paths
10.  D list Super Heroes that suck

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Daily Link Blast

Some stories that I pulled from the heaps of crap out there today.

1.  Change = Increase in jobless claims, wholesale food, oil and freedom
2.  Wondering what happened to the hot slut teachers from a few years back?
3.  Somethings  never change.  CIA has a history of recruiting drug kingpins, kinda like now. 
4.  Mother's Facebook barn raising more important than drowning child
5.  Violent left wingers want a mother and wife killed.
6.  Freedom of speech is a thing of the past under our current regime.
7.  Liberals will stop at nothing to tax you.  One hour old child that died.........taxed!
8.  Everyone knows that the Victoria Secret models from back in the day are much better than the skanks they have now.
9. 10 symptoms of a male cold - obviously written by a woman.
10.  Tonys kansas city takes on the Port Authority

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A little bit of everything today.

1.  Billions later and Haiti still in ruins.
2.  So blaming conservative talk radio for a shooting didn't work this time so they are going to try again next time?
3. Top 10 cars from TV.
4.  If they will shove a gram of cocaine up someones ass to get it across the border then a cruise ship shouldn't be that shocking.
5.  5 things you need if you want to be a good office drunk.
6.  Piece of crap liberal politician is using the death of a 9 year old girl to raise money.
7.  Wussification hits American Idol
8.  Obama thanks the incompetent sheriff in Arizona for what?  Letting 6 people get killed under his watch?  20 people getting wounded?  Death of a 9 year old girl? Or is it carrying the water for the democrats.
9.  Stephine Seymour incest ?
10.  Olivia Munn shows it all on Maxim cover and the religious right are going crazy.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quick Hits - "It's Cold Out"

Why is it that people must always state the obvious?  "it's cold out there"  Like we didn't just come in from the crap. 

1. Obama disrespects Nobel Prize winner by making the award about him.  Which is funny since almost everything else he talks about is about Bush.
2.  How long will it be before lazy worthless leftist start rioting in our streets?
3.  Liberals will screw anything, including family members
4.  War against Christmas hits Overland Park nativity scene. 
5.  I know it is sad that Elizabeth Edwards died but can we move on?
6.  Religious leaders are great role models.
7.  Only 50 people showed up for a dream act rally in North East KCMO.
8. Unions try to shut down one of Kansas City's largest employers proving once again that Unions destroy jobs.