Thursday, January 13, 2011

Daily Link Blast

Some stories that I pulled from the heaps of crap out there today.

1.  Change = Increase in jobless claims, wholesale food, oil and freedom
2.  Wondering what happened to the hot slut teachers from a few years back?
3.  Somethings  never change.  CIA has a history of recruiting drug kingpins, kinda like now. 
4.  Mother's Facebook barn raising more important than drowning child
5.  Violent left wingers want a mother and wife killed.
6.  Freedom of speech is a thing of the past under our current regime.
7.  Liberals will stop at nothing to tax you.  One hour old child that died.........taxed!
8.  Everyone knows that the Victoria Secret models from back in the day are much better than the skanks they have now.
9. 10 symptoms of a male cold - obviously written by a woman.
10.  Tonys kansas city takes on the Port Authority