Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A little bit of everything today.

1.  Billions later and Haiti still in ruins.
2.  So blaming conservative talk radio for a shooting didn't work this time so they are going to try again next time?
3. Top 10 cars from TV.
4.  If they will shove a gram of cocaine up someones ass to get it across the border then a cruise ship shouldn't be that shocking.
5.  5 things you need if you want to be a good office drunk.
6.  Piece of crap liberal politician is using the death of a 9 year old girl to raise money.
7.  Wussification hits American Idol
8.  Obama thanks the incompetent sheriff in Arizona for what?  Letting 6 people get killed under his watch?  20 people getting wounded?  Death of a 9 year old girl? Or is it carrying the water for the democrats.
9.  Stephine Seymour incest ?
10.  Olivia Munn shows it all on Maxim cover and the religious right are going crazy.