Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Daily Link Blast

Ok, so I might of missed a couple days....

1.  Just in time for spring break - 50 drinking games to get you hammered
2.  40 awesome Charlie Sheen quotes
3.  10 Worst selling cars of all time
4.  What did Beyonce do to get all of this money from Gadhafi?  slut.
5.  The 10 greatest submarines
6.  The 100 best toys of all time
7.  "Why men look at women and their beautiful legs".  Did we need a study on this?
8.  Great way to Tweet at work without being caught - Spreadtweets
9.  Modern Drunkard Magazine - Awesome
10.  Does anything beat a link titled - 20 Hottest Pillow Fight Girls
11.  Tony in the Pitch - Great Story.