Saturday, September 19, 2009


Everywhere you look nowadays there is someone out to rob your ass.  The most ruthless of the bunch are politicians and media members.  This week a member of the local media decided to increase his super criminal powers and run for office.  We are all suppose to forget about the countess endorsements that this ass clown has given to the man he is running against. 

Hey Steve, we knew a long time ago that Dennis Moore was a crook, what took you so long?  Do we really need someone with such bad judgement representing us?  You may be better than the alternative but not by much.  How many qualified conservatives have you tanked over the years?  But now we are suppose to vote for you..

We didn't like you 3 years ago so don't count on us liking you now. 

Here are 10 stories that should get you through your news void over the weekend. Sorry KCMO residents, there are no popups.

1.  Obamas quest for acceptance by the rest of the world is on its way.  
2.  Groups like "Values Voters" piss me off.  Whose values?  
3. This kid might have a hard time finding an equal trade at lunch at his Neward daycare. 

4   Are these same officials covering up Hillary Clintons test results?
5.  12 year old sex change?
6.  The UN can only do one thing right.  Lie.
7.  More and more evidence is being found on psychotic couples property.
8.  Man rapes his daughter for THIRTY YEARS and knocks her up 4 times.
9.  Chicken SH** Cop to turn evidence on Gotti to save his own ass.
10.  Brooklyn gets 2 more housing projects and they are excited about it..