QUICK HITS - Did you stay dry?

Why do people insist on saying this on rainy days? Do you really care if I got a little wet today or do you lack the ability to carry on an interesting conversation? If I did get wet today what the hell are you going to do about it? Next time it rains and you are "that guy" call in sick so that you don't annoy the living hell out of others.

1. Bronx teen goes Freddy Kruger on his brothers and sisters.

2. Ugly Chick must prove that she/he is female to Olympic committee. THERE IS NO WAY THAT THIS IS A CHICK!

3. How screwed are parts of Jersey? Well this town wants to put a curfew on teens and ADULTS. lmao.

4. Sweet! You can now Tweet god. I doubt he will answer though, he still hasn't accepted my Face Book invite.

5. Weren't these guys just making fun of US health care? Nice showing Brits!

6. Italian Americans will now have a great place to visit in Bensonhurst.

7. Obama's redistribution of wealth is screwing over Auto Dealers.

8. I have no problem with a first lady wearing shorts. Having said that, Michelle Obama in shorts is nasty. Her thighs look like tree stumps.

9. Did god change his mind? And if so who did he tell?

10. You probably have cocaine in your wallet.

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