Monday, September 21, 2009


Isn't it bad enough that we have to hear people bitch about Mondays, call Wednesdays "Hump Day" and then wrap up the week with "TGIF"?  WHY is it that Tuesdays are now officially Taco Tuesdays everywhere you go?  Are we not suppose to eat tacos on any other day?  Personally I could eat tacos any day of the week as long as they are from either In-A-Tub, Taco Via or Jack in the Box.  Sure these might not be considered authentic but Mi Ranchito showed us what authentic can do to you.  

Thursday is our only hope for normalcy during the week but that isn't exactly safe either.  Thursday is the official beginning to the dreaded question "what are you doing this weekend"...........

1.  If you want federal dollars for art you must first paint a mural or make a statue of our emperor. 
2.  Obama has been helping pimps and whores for over 20 years.  
3.  You mean that Beer bellies aren't good for you..........
4.  The racist bus attack on a white kid in Saint Louis was done by gang bangers.  Nice.
5.  Gay Vultures.  Yes I said Gay Vultures.
6.  Haitian police capture the jack ass that murdered his family.
7.  Could Bill Clinton be the only voice of reason in the socialist party?
8.  CNN could of come up with the 10 worst things to do on a lazy day.  READ THIS DAMN list.  
9.  After all the crap that this chick has gone through THIS is what causes her to melt down???????
10.   How can someone claim that a Gotti is a professional criminal?