Thursday, September 24, 2009


Jack Harry's old ass has come to a crossroads.  You see, now that Carl Peterson is gone Jack has no claim to fame.  The only thing that made that guy relevant was his insane Chiefs rants and his 50% accurate predictions. Well it appears that the MU alum will now set his sites on KU athletics and is trying to make a simple scuffle into something more.  I wonder if Jack realizes that he is exploiting young people in order to keep his job.

But the best thing today had to be Kevin Keitzman discuss morality and ethics on his radio program.  Seriously?  I think we all know what went down a few years ago with him and some umm other really young person.  This kept his ass in check for a couple of years but lately old Kevin seems to of forgotten about his own checkered pass.  Before Keitzman starts blasting KU students he should probably worry about the damage that his own actions have done.  

You gotta love it when Old nerdy white guys try to play the holier than though card..........