Friday, August 14, 2009


There are so many people in the world that say one thing and yet do the other. These people, politicians, leaders etc... never like it when the truth comes out. Lets take for instance the posturing of our socialist friends. For the past several months they have been lying to the American public about health care. Along come some people that actually read the bill and start to tell other the truth about it. What do the socialist do? They attack, smear, blame and get angry at the people that are delivering the truth instead of dealing with the lies they were telling head on.

1. Prayer in this country can get you prison time. Well only if it is christian.....

2. Suicide by fire is a new one.

3. This clown actually expects us to believe that he is suddenly NOT in favor of the fairness doctrine.

4. It is always good when family gets released from prison. Well unless it is the Manson family.

5. This black guy takes a Chappelle skit a little to far and actually threatens other black students.

6. Is creating a Joker poster of the emperor a Crime? Why the hell are the cops "interviewing" people.......

7. Don't liberals know that it isn't a good idea to piss in your cheerios, or in this case Granola. This guy should double his prices overnight and watch them squirm.

8. White House list of enemies sees its first action.

9. Tough love = Total bitch towards all. This is one translation that isn't messed up.

10. Haven't we all had it "Just Pop Out"?