Thursday, March 04, 2021

Almost Weekly Link Blast - From around the way

If you don't read these stories then you are an idiot.

1. The Uniter and Chief hates anyone that lives south of NYC.  He calls us
hillbillies, etc.. just because we demand to live free and not cower inside like little children. To be fair, the man was alive when the states had the war over slavery and his memory is a little off.

2.   Most 99-year-olds would be denied heart surgery due to well, the age of the patient.  If you are wealthy and married to the queen, you get bumped to the front of the line.

3.  TikTok claims yet another- This time the green-haired Saudi hottie had her kids etc.. ripped from her for well, being hot on TikTok.

4.  Ugly women are body-shaming hot women again online.  So much for that whole sisterhood thing.

5.  Teen Mom goes to OnlyFans to pimp out her favorite sex toy. For all of you old people out there, OnlyFans is where the girl next door and D list celebs go to pose naked for your $$$

6.  More proof that the elites are getting Covid vaccines before the rest of us.

7.  Apes get vaccines before most humans.

8.  Cuomo uses the defense of yet another liberal woman abuser, Clinton

9.  As we march more towards book burning, there is now a push to burn movies.  Merica!

10.  Will Biden be accused of putting kids in cages?