Friday, March 05, 2021

Misguided quote of the Week/Month/Year - Ty Gardner OP candidate

 " He believes Overland Park is losing its younger generation “to places like KCMO.” And to retain a young workforce and families, “we need to create solutions to keep them here to make Overland Park a place they want to be right now.” - Ty Gardner 

He is from Ottawa and lived here for less than a decade.  Yeahhhhhhh, he completely understands the JOCO area.  WHAT AN IDIOT! Young people only go to KCMO for a year before returning back to the comfort and safety of JOCO.  Sure they may like to visit the P&L District for concerts and sporting events but let's not get it twisted.  

This guy hopes to make OP more like KCMO??????????? HAHAHA