Monday, August 09, 2021

Almost Daily Link Blast

Links to the crap that you should know about. Shortened due to lack o shit not dealing with Covid.

2.  KC Mag tries to tie KC residents wearing Cowboy boots to umm Texas.  2 things here.  1.  Are you new to the area?  Not aware of its history?  Also, blame the show Yellowstone for it if anything.  People in the burbs lack identity and try to tie themselves to whatever trendy show is on.  I remember while out riding my Harley a sudden increase of shitty riders on the road due to Sons of Anarchy.  There were even some of them wearing leather cuts that said SAMCRO! Pathetic!  So now they all want to be cast members of Yellowstone.  

3.  15 video conferencing tips so that you do not come across as an ignorant douche.

4.  How to tell that you are dating a narcissist.  This is important, that way you do not end up married to one!

7. Chinese-style censorship has hit the internet in the United States.  The woke left strike again.

8.  Liberal elite are above masking up at parties.  Obama's 60th communist celebration.