Monday, August 09, 2021

Bulletproof Vest Mandate Update

 How many lives were lost or put into danger this weekend due to city leaders' failure to mandate
Bulletproof vests for high-risk areas where the spread of bloodshed is out of control?  It is clear that there is no cure in sight, so why is the government failing to protect its citizens?  The city will not be safe until mandatory vest-wearing takes place in all entertainment/retail areas of the metro and might need to be implemented at home/school to protect the children who seem to be getting shot more over the past 2 years than at any time in recent history.  

1, 10-year-old shot 27th Street

2.  Did the super spreader event begin at QT on SW Parkway.  3 dead, 2 shot.  

3.  2 More dropped Friday night.