Monday, August 09, 2021

KC Media Sweep Murders Under the Rug

 I think it is safe to say that the KC media is pretty shitty.  The newspaper morphed into a shitty version of

"The Pitch" and the local news stations for the most part simply pimp weather (nothing really to report for a few years now) and try to out woke each other.  So is it any surprise that when it comes to issues that can be directly traced back to piss poor local liberal leadership, they abandon ship, misdirect and try to create further divide?  

We had yet another bloody weekend in the city and the lead stories on The Star are all Covid related...  Seriously, vaccinations, mask mandates, etc.. are a higher priority than little kids getting slaughtered in the metro.  When was the last time ANY local media outlet went after the city council and mayor for the complete shithole of violence the city has become?  Why do these leaders continue to get shelter from the media?  Hell, the KC Star has blamed everything and everyone EXCEPT for the leadership of the city!  Today there is even a story about VACANT LOTS being the cause!!!!!!!!  WRONG!  Vacant lots are a symptom of the crime, not the freaking cause!

This is another example of how KC LIBERALS HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS!