Monday, May 10, 2021

Almost Daily Link Blast

Quick hits from the area.  The truth behind the headlines and liberal group think media

 1.  From the shit state of Missouri, "Birthing people's day" to replace Mothers
Day if someone that was voted into office gets her way.  Cori Bush is just another example of liberal stupidity and why they should be ignored every single time that a liberal offers an opinion. 

2.  Life in Kansas has gotten so bad that it will soon be ok to allow cocktails and beer to be taken home from clubs and bars.  How lame has Kansas become that being drunk 24/7 is now a requirement to live there?

3.  Missouri liberals want to tax gas even more, just as Biden's energy plan has started raising gas prices (and everything else you purchase). 

4.  More Wokeness in Missouri - STL thinks that a ban needs to be in place for discriminating against hairstyles.  Next, it will be shoes, ear lobe length and belt loops.  Meanwhile, the city continues to slip in population yet increase in murders.

5.  The loosening of Covid restrictions has brought to light the mental health issues that were brought upon us all due to an overreaching government.  MASS SHOOTINGS ALL ACROSS AMERICA THIS WEEKEND.

6.  War has begun in Israel and liberal celebs LOVE IT!