Friday, September 24, 2021

Almost Daily Link Blast

My links are better than the crap you read.  My explanations are better than your own thoughts. 

Actually, these links suck.  I am on a conference call and paying little attention to the shit that I am posting below. But you guys wanted more links...

1.  Online daters get less than 1 sec before a swipe.  Now, this is funny to me because I know of people that change their first names to their middle names, lie about their interests/hobbies, their personalities, what they are looking for, etc.. all in hopes of getting a simple swipe.  What they do not realize is that once a person meets them, the truth will come out.  Ho's gotta Ho, I guess.  

2.  Maple Candied Bacon in your Air Fryer.  Umm yes.  If you do not own an air fryer then you probably still have a DVD player, Samsung phone and use your microwave to fix dinner.

3.  Remember when the United States sent anyone from Japan into camps (under a democrat)?  Amazingly, it never gets brought up.  When discussing injustice in America it always goes from the '60s to Civil War.  

4.  55 of the scariest pictures that you will ever see on the internet that aren't liberals in Bikinis 

5.  Memes about being an adult that are pretty accurate.  

6.  61 facts about video gaming that you can probably live without.  

10.  Your boss will now be snooping on you long after your work from home holiday is over.