Monday, September 27, 2021

Olathe Translated - Native American term used for racism.

I mean come on Olathe, the kid even has a mullet.  I would love to hear one person try and defend this

one.  I mean the kid even uses great-grandpa racism about picking cotton.  So this has to come from a long line of racist inbreeding that only the Olathe area can provide.  I am starting to believe that Olathe is Native American for racist.  

Let us review briefly some of the recent highlights to come out of Olathe in the past few years.
  • A group of Indian gentlemen was unloaded on at a sports bar because the idiot thought they were Taliban.
  • You had a head coach dropping N bombs
  • You have a district court staffed full of people that hate Asians (all countries).  
  • Ever been to traffic court there?  You do not have to be a census taker to see the number of minorities pulled over versus Caucasians.