Monday, March 22, 2021

TRUMP Social Media Platform? WTF!

 This guy simply will not go away and clear a path for a new crop of Republican candidates that can deliver policy without making asses of themselves or their voters.  Because it doesn't matter how great the policies are if they come out of the mouth of this clown now does it?  If it did, then we wouldn't have an 80-year-old man that can't walk up a flight of steps as president.

Let us just hope that this goes the way of some of his other wonderful initiatives.  

  • Casinos
  • Airlines
  • Steaks
  • College
  • Marriage
  • TV Network
Please, don't let there be an app for Republicans built under a Trump flag.  If you are a donor, please stop giving to this man, he is out of office.  If you are a violent supporter of his, please leave and form a 3rd party.  I ask nicely because many of you are just as bat shit crazy as those on the left.