Monday, May 06, 2013

40 Links For Monday

I decided to quit posting on days that the weather doesn't match the season.  So snow in May, cold ass rain, sleet etc...  I hibernate.   Mother Nature is a mean bitch. 

To make up for that I have put together 40 links that should get you through your Monday

1.  7 Naughty Evolutionary Theories -  More interesting reading for you pervs
2.  10 Insane Facts About The Westboro Baptist Church - Listverse
3.  Women are being taught how to stalk people that they date online.  8 Commandments of Stalking Your Date Online 
4.  Tequila Roundup: Three Tequilas We’re Into | Mutineer Magazine
5. FISA Surveillance Applications Rose Slightly in 2012 - Secrecy News
6.  Apparently we have bad habits.  Who knew?  10 Totally disgusting man habits 
7.  Private Playgrounds: 13 Amazingly Fun Houses | WebUrbanist
8.  Think GI JOE Aircraft carrier - Top 5 Holy Grail Playset Toys of the 1980s | Popdose
9.  8 Excellent Instagram Mashups You Should Have Already Checked Out
10.  Beyonce Only Wants You To See Beyonce-Approved Photos of Beyonce - The Superficial - Because You're Ugly

11.  Vintage Tandy Computer Ads | Mental Floss
12.  13 Types Of Facebook Couples You Should Never Become - It is too late for most of you.
13.  12 Things You Didn't Know About Hard Cider | Food Republic
14.  25 Life Lessons From 25 Famous Sluts - Required reading for all Raytown chicks.
15. Alternatives to monogamy - Awesome infographic
16.  10 Things You Didn't Know About Foreplay - Required reading for lame Leawood husbands.
17.  100 Chrome Extensions That You Should Install - Lifehack
18.  One Marine's View: Marine experiences first enemy contact 
19.Discover the Full Story: What’s Below the Famous Russian Buildings | Bored Panda
20.  10 Sex Symbols For Nerds | Popdose

21.  TV Will Tear Us Apart: The Future of Political Polarization in American Media | Paleofuture
22.  Inmates Reviewing Prisons on Yelp |  - Pretty soon hookers will be reviewed on Yelp
23.  Askmen finally catches up with our reviews and interviews Pusha T.
24.  Michael Savage wins landmark case in federal court
25.  The 100 Most Interesting Websites – get addicted to ...
26.  The Implications of CISPA for Internet Hosting Companies | Top Cultured
27.  Lego Apologizes for Cat-Calling Sticker |  - Yahoo!
28.  Teen Orders Escort Off Craigslist, Gets iPad & Piggybank Stolen - I told you they needed Yelp reviews for whores.
29.  Autophagia refers to the condition of eating yourself… | Crazy Facts
30.  Cool Tools – Hack Your Own Adventure Tours

31.  Ten cities with the worst traffic 
32.  Google set to unveil subscriptions for specialist YouTube videos -
33.  8 Best-Paying Summer Jobs - Careers Articles
34.  Miley Cyrus tops Maxim Hot 100 list  | The Daily Caller
35.  22 Of The Coolest Places To Get Married In America 
36.  25 Mind-Blowing Things Science Can't Explain |
37.  Foodie Underground: Why do We Love Markets?
38.  American Muscle Cars - 10 Surprising Facts - Popular Mechanics
39.  12-Year-Old Model Citizen Calls Out Cop for Parking Illegally
40.  Arias Trial's Most Outrageous Moments: 50 Shades Of Jodi Arias