Monday, April 14, 2008


On a daily basis there are groups of people in this country that are dead set on taking away your freedoms. It is safe to say that if you do anything in this country by choice, there is somebody out there that doesn't want you to do it. These groups of people are relentless. There is no limit to the tactics that they will try and lies that they will create to take away your freedom and civil liberty. Yet we stand back and do nothing as lawyers turn this country into 1950's Russia. Think I am kidding? Here is a short list of things off the top of my head.

1. Smoking
2. The type of car you drive
3. The amount of money that you earn that you are allowed to keep.
4. Guns
5. The air you breathe
6. What you are allowed to watch on TV
7. What you can and can not say on the radio
8. How your food is prepared
9. How much money you can contribute to a campaign
10. Taking away your property by the government (eminent domain)
11. Who you can hire
12. How you educate your children
13. Where & how you practice religion
14. The type of holiday decorations you can display
15. The counting of your vote
16. Where you get your medical care: THIS IS COMING SOON.
17. How long you can serve in office
18. How to run your business
19. What crops you can & can't grow
20. When & where you can talk on your phone.
21. What you can put on your lawn to kill bugs
22. How products are dispensed
23. How products are packaged
24. Where products are sold
25. What books can be read at school
26. What you can do with your music & movies
27. What you can say to someone
28. That you have to wear your seatbelt
29. Motorcycle helmet laws

It took me 3 minutes to come up with this list. I am am sure that if I were to "try" I could come up with close to 100. Now to the real reason for this post. I just read this story on the KC Red Stars front page. A BOTTLED WATER BAN is coming...Holy crap! I can't believe that our society is so easily fooled.

Don't go and blame government for this crap, look in the mirror first. You are allowing this to happen by empowering these ass clowns to tell you how to live. Are you incapable of surviving without Daddy (the government) there to tell you how to wipe your ass? Are you really that pathetic? GROW UP! Make your own decisions and let others make theirs. Disagreeing with someones choice is one thing, but passing laws that restrict that persons choice is another.