Tuesday, July 08, 2008


1. Health - This past week was nearly pain free. They have finally found a medicine that helps me get through the rough spots so I am hoping to be back to normal soon.

2. Cyclist - I had a cyclist pull out in front of me while on my motorcycle this past weekend. I couldn't freaking believe it. When the idiot realized what he was about to do he nearly wrecked in the middle of Renner. These idiots have no business on the road.

3. 4th of July - The one downfall that comes with living in the dome is the nazi like ban of fireworks that every city has. I don't understand why the government must pass laws to protect the stupid. It should be every JOCOians right to blow up their fingers and lose an eye at the expense of shotty chinese gunpowder. Someone asked me how it is legal in KCK & KCMO and I had to explain to them that those communities couldn't prevent gunfire and therefore had no chance at stopping a bottle rocket.

4. Voting- For some reason I have been asked more this election than those in the past as to who I am voting for. The reply "Not for Obama". I am not a McCain fan but the thought of an elitist socialist in the white house scares the hell out of me. Even a senile moderate is better than the other clown.

5. Golden Retrievers - We adopted a 4 year old golden retriever a couple of weeks ago. I was pretty excited to have a big active dog but she may be the laziest coward of a big dog on the planet. She is a great family dog but not exactly what I was expecting.

6. The Olympics - Is anyone going to watch tape delayed sports that they wouldn't otherwise watch at any other time of year?

7. Call of Duty4 - Yes I am still playing this game, it is like crack, I can't stop. I dig the fact that due to X-Box live you can be cussed at in several different languages after you win. I highly recommend parents that will be sending their kids to KCK or KCMO public schools to buy this game for their kids. I can't think of a better way to prepare them for what they will soon be facing.

8. BBQ - Anyone else think that Kansas City BBQ is overrated? With a few exceptions the majority of BBQ joints in this town are garbage. Memphis BBQ is far superior to anything that we have in the metro.

9. Retail Developments- With the slow down of the economy you can count on more blight to come to North OP. With all of the new developments going in south of 119th street, N. OP isn't going to stand a chance competing for JOCO $$ with the exceptions of Targets and Wal-Mart.

10. Blog - I Just hit 1000 posts. I don't know if that is a good or bad thing.