Friday, October 24, 2008


1. Do people that live in KCK and the East Side of KCMO allow their kids to go trick or treating in their neighborhoods?

2. If these parents allow this shouldn't social services come and take their children for endangerment?

3. Can JOCO have too many Best Buys? I am not sure that is possible.

4. Who the hell still eats at Perkins?

5. Why do people not understand how to go through a round a bout?

6. If Missouri roads suck so bad why don't they put up tolls. Every state I have traveled through recently has toll roads.

7. How much would you pay on PPV to watch child molesters get executed?

8. Where the people that founded Kansas City a bunch of quitters? Were these people that were heading out west for gold and just gave up because it was too difficult? It would explain a lot.

9. Is there a bigger HD screen that 65 inches?

10. Why is it impossible to make left hand turns in Olathe?

11. Now that gas is cheap again do you laugh at the idiots that sold their SUV's for Smart cars? I sure the hell do.

12. Does the Mayor of KCMO realize how ugly he and his wife are?

13. Do the people at KCPT think that the sets that they have look good? Have you seen the set of RUKUS? Holy crap.

14. Do you think it is hilarious watching Native Americans rob people of their money at Casinos? I sure the hell do after what we did to them.

15. Do you laugh your ass off as you drive by some of these gated communities in SOJOCO and see half of them up for sale? Have fun scratching off your little community sticker A-Hole now that you can't live there.

16. Why is it that Taco Via and Long John Silvers are no longer at "the mall"?

17. If a mall walker passes out at Metcalf South would anyone notice?

18. Why do religious groups feel it is moral to charge you $3 for a hot dog at a festival? Have fun in hell religious hot dog vendor guy.

19. Why don't they make all major roads 4 lanes to begin with?

20. Who would win in this fight: Larry Johnson vs. Queen Latifah?

21. Why is booze legal and weed against the law?

22. Who are the morons that think that Katie Horner and Laura Moritz are Hot?

23. Does anyone else still think its funny when Gary Lezak says that he is getting 4 inches at his location?

24. Who is the guy that updates his face book status every 5 minutes? Get a life bro.

25. Carrie Underwood or Megan Fox?

26. Corona or Corona light?

27. Does anyone else like the Kansas Sampler commercial?

28. Am I the only one that doesn't believe that the United States landed on the Moon?

29. Where in the bible are dinosaurs mentioned?

30. Can we put together a ballot initiative kicking Roeland Park & fairway out of JOCO?

31. Does the Kansas City Red Star think that anyone reads their blogger sections other than Crime Scene KC?