Tuesday, November 27, 2007


1. Booze seems to be the only way to get through holidays for some people. While picking up A SINGLE bottle of wine this weekend I couldn't help notice the amount of beer and booze being picked up by men 35-65. I asked the guy in front of me in line what all the beer was for and he said that half of it was for his family and the other half was for him to deal with his family.

2. There should be a rule against canned or jarred food being used at Thanksgiving. My Sister in law asked for canned cranberries instead of the homemade ones that my Brother in law made last Thursday. I had never heard of anyone wanting something canned over fresh until that moment.

3. Johnson County will never have severe weather again. Since moving back into town 5 years ago I have watched every T-Storm and Snow Storm go North/South of our county. Do we have some sorta bubble over us? Nothing ruins living in the midwest more than lack of storms. Then again we do have Katie Horner around to make a sprinkle or snow flake into the storm of the century.

4. The only thing clients hate losing at more than golf is Halo. Today one of my clients decided that we would swing by his house after lunch to drop off some leftovers for his wife. When we walked in he threw the food to his wife and an xbox controller at me and said 1 game. Well 1 game turned into 3 and 3 to 5 and he still hadn't beaten me. I told him that we should prob get him back to his office and he said "not until I beat you". If he didn't get an email about a meeting I am sure that we would still be there with him winless.

5. Some people should not be allowed to hang Christmas lights. While the city is full of homes with great displays there are others that are absolutely terrible. The absolute worst are the lights that look like icicles hanging from the gutter(with nothing else).

6. Wanna be fans: This past Saturdays game brought out a hoard of wanna be fans that suddenly cared about college football. These people were the main smack talkers last week yet their knowledge for the team, players, history etc... was nil. I had an MU "fan" tell me that there was no way that Jayhawks would win, so I asked him which match ups favored MU and there was no response. I am sure that there were plenty of KU "fans" out there as well that had no clue about the game but since it was the big thing last week they didn't want to feel left out.

7. If I am going to live in this crime, why here and not a Big City? The reason people live here and think it is a great place to raise kids is because of the low crime and low cost of living. Well with the crime wave that seems to be spreading in the Metro why stay? If it was my decision alone I would not be in this city and would live either in the country or a Major city. This area has no culture, history, winning sports teams etc... it feels like we are all just going through the motions here.

8. Why are people so interested in the lives of celebrities? Celeb blogs, "news programs", magazines etc... all talking about how these people have ran a stop sign, got drunk, had marriage problems etc... I am pretty sure that the same stuff is happening either in your house or your neighborhood, yet if a WT singer like Britney Spears does it people think it is news worthy. Generally the people that pay the most attention to crap like this have even more problems than the celebs but will be ultra critical of them. I am not talking about the casual observer here. I am talking about the person that this stuff is more important than actual news.

9. The War on Christmas is a joke. If you are a Democrat/Liberal you should be ashamed of what your party has done to the Christmas season. It is a sad day when you can't have Christmas trees, lights, wreaths, carolers etc... because it might hurt ONE PERSONS FEELINGS or ONE GROUPS. The blame all goes to the liberals in America, nobody else, just them. Your liberal school districts, your special interest groups, your ACLU are all trying to make this country into some blank slate where nobody can say or do anything. Next time you decide to cry about what Christmas has become look at your voter registration card and see which party you belong to before you bring it up.