Monday, November 05, 2007

Weekend Things of Note

1. Spiderman 3 wasn't nearly as good as the first two movies. There aren't enough special effect in a George Lucas studio to make Tobey Maguire come off as a ladies man. Those scenes were painful to watch. Whoever wrote that script needs to take the time they have while on strike and rethink their career decision.
2. My wife's cat is still alive. I bring this up again because due to daylight savings she has become even worst than before. This wolf like howls that this skeleton like beast belts out at 5am every morning have become louder and even more unbearable.
3. Thanks to the addition of an XBOX360 I have become addicted to Halo. The online play and the number of games helped push it ahead of the PS3 for me.
4. I rode my motorcycle during the Chiefs game and couldn't believe how wide open the roads were. I watched the 1st Quarter, rode and came back to watch the end. This will be my new plan moving forward.
5. I officially have my first internet stalker. It is sad (and funny) really. Some people are not equipped to be proven wrong and will not give up. This person is the metros own Hillary Clinton. I am awaiting smoke signals or sky writing for the next attempt of contacting me.
6. The blog has been averaging around 55 hits per day for the last couple of weeks. Not bad for 2 months of work. I am sure that this number will pick up the closer to the election we get.
7. Time Warner has jacked up the prices on my movie channels so I will now be going with either Everest or AT&T. That is unless TW can beat the price.
8. I completely wiped my HD of all things Microsoft Vista. Installing that piece of crap was the biggest mistake I have ever made with a PC. The thing is I KNEW BETTER but did it anyways.
9. My wife spend 13 hours scrapbooking on Saturday. 13 hours of cutting and pasting stuff to paper. AND THEN scrapbooked more last night. They must put crack in the adhesive.