Monday, March 24, 2008

Things of note

1. Moving is officially done. With the exception of a few boxes in the garage it is over!
2. Patios are expensive. The first estimate I got was $2500. I know the guy so I think it was pretty accurate, just not what I was expecting. So patio plans are on hold for now until we get a master plan together for the backyard. This could include new deck, patio and outdoor kitchen.
3. We still haven't had a fence bid.
4. The catfish living in my 10 gallon aquarium has been sent packing. He will now be residing at a grade school along with the rest of our fish. This makes room for the return of The Gecko.
5. My car is getting close to 100k in miles (in 3 years). I have to get some repairs done but might look into something new instead.
6. I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of people in my neighborhood that ride cruiser bikes. I have counted 3 Harley's and 2 foreign cruisers so far.
7. The Cat is still alive & my older dog is nearly deaf.
8. The next couple of weeks will be spent working on putting together some new personal goals. I did this 5 years ago and can finally say that I have hit them all. The three main areas of focus will be retirement, college for the girls & my career path. At some point I would like to go from making millions for others and make them for myself.
9. Along the lines of goals, I will be heading down to Springfield, Mo this week for business. Those of you that know me know that I can hold a grudge. This will be the first step in the getting even process with a man that screwed my family. I will be taking steps over the next few months to steal every ounce of business that this man has down in that area and put him in the same situation that I faced 6 years ago. This won't be a silent campaign. I want him to know exactly who did it. I have had to put this on hold due to noncompete contract issues but those are all gone.
10. The Giant BBQ's that I have had in the past are history. This was a hard decision for me to come to but it has become clear to me in the past several months that it isn't & wasn't worth it.
11. Did they show Charlie Brown's Easter this year? If they did I can't believe I missed it.
12. I can't believe that Jericho was canceled. This was one of the few shows worth watching on TV. I am hoping that a cable channel will pick it up.