Friday, February 22, 2008


1. If I haven't said it before I will say it now. Home Buying Sucks. People that find this stuff exciting and fun are complete loons. The paperwork, hidden additional cost and slowness of the process can only be compared to hearing Hillary Clinton read me the Koran while naked as I sit in a tub of battery acid getting my fingernails pulled. It takes all of the fun out of the deal.

2. Winter sucks. I actually looked forward to winter this year because it had been so hot all summer. This crap that we are going through now is unbearable.

3. Along the lines of "Winter Sucks" is you bastards can't drive a lick in this town. I have said it before but this weather has just reminded me of how terrible the drivers in this city are. If you feel the need to go 5mph THEN WALK!

4. If anyone has any neon bar signs they are looking to dump EMAIL ME.

5. If it is a crappy neon bar sign don't email me.

6. For those of you that are concerned Skeletor (our cat) is still alive. I think she was one of the original 2 cats that got on the arc with Noah's posse.

7. I type everything in lists. I do this because many of you are like me you want it quick and to the point with a link to the main topic for further reading if you choose.

8. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but stop copying my crap!

9. I am going to be one broke ass Uncle. There are kids falling out of the sky all around me. The month of May is going to be more expensive than freaking Christmas due to all of the new arrivals.

10. My dog has terrible gas. The past few weeks have been brutal inside the house. Our little wiener dog has been dropping more bombs than a terrorist with CP.

11. Note to self: When your daughter invites you to a tea party you better freaking go. Last Sunday I got caught up watching the race and completely forgot about the Tea Party that my oldest was putting together. Well last night she used that fact to guilt me.