Sunday, September 28, 2008


1. I was hoping to have my website up by now but due to some software issues (SCREW VISTA) I am going to have to put it off for another 30 days. The website will probably suck worst than this blog so I am sparing you all some pain.

2. This month I was able to fire up the smokers and the grill for my sisters going away party. She is heading out to Cali to pursue her career in fashion design. Despite the rain, wind, cold, tall grass and nagging I was able to smoke a pork butt, sausage, and a slab of ribs. It all turned out pretty good thanks to the Weber Smokey Mountain that holds its temperature better than any smoker I have seen. Anyways, Good Luck Kelsie! Make us proud!

3. Dead Dog Walking No More - As I mentioned in a previous post I had a dog that was facing the end of the road. I finally put her down 2 Fridays ago. I sat with her through the whole thing and thought how clueless she was that today was her last day with me (she was usually clueless anyways) and how despite her being a true mutt with no redeeming qualities how much I would miss her.

4. Promotion at work - As many of you can tell the updates are not as timely as they use to be. I recently got a promotion at work that actually makes it so that I have to work. Anyways, I will be opening up a couple of offices for our company over the next 18 months in different cities. But fear not I have an air card and a couple of laptops so the blog will live on.

5. Uncle Again - It seems like every year we are adding to the family. Congratulations to my brother & sister in law on the birth of Annabelle Kathleen. My brother in law FINALLY has the daughter he has always wanted.

6. Motorcycle - I have had some great short rides this month and have realized how much I missed ridding when I was sick. Lets just hope that winter holds off until December. I am hoping to upgrade my bike next year to something a little bit bigger.