Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Notes

1. Craig's visit has come and gone. A few hours spread out over a couple of days are not enough to get caught up after 2 years but we had a good time. He took full advantage of our weak dollar and is going to need another suitcase to haul his loot back home. Hopefully it doesn't take 2 years for him to visit again.
2. The BBQ Saturday Night went off without a hitch and the food turned out better than I expected especially considering my attentions were split. I believe I am one batch of Ribs away before I can consider them competition ready. The trick is getting them out of the smoke and into the foil at just the right time.
3. My sister Wendy made some great caramel apples that might of been the most unhealthy food item I have ever seen. You had to eat through 3 layers of sugar before you took your first bite of apple.
4. Boston won the World Series! Living in KC you have to have other teams to cheer for and being a Celtics fan my whole life I have always been a fan of all teams Boston (especially since I hate all teams in NY and Cali).
5. I am starting to believe that the Nintendo Wii doesn't exist. Why Nintendo has upped production to meet demand is beyond me. This is their one last chance to recapture a bulk share of the gaming market and yet you can't find one to buy.
6. Pizza Shoppee has now moved into my top 3 Pizza Places in town.
7. I will be spending most of my work week finalizing my Christmas list. Remember when these things were due at Thanksgiving? We haven't even carved pumpkins for Halloween yet and I am working on this thing.
8. Why is it that Time Warner Cable boxes no longer support the HDMI input? I hate Time Warner.
9. My brother and sister are in a race to get my old BROKEN recliner. I hope they plan on moving out before Thanksgiving because that thing has to go before we get our Christmas tree.
10. Kerry was sick all weekend. I am writing this down because she always tells me that she NEVER gets sick. I think I nursed her back to health yesterday because she felt "better" today.