Monday, June 16, 2008


1. Fathers Day: This was the first Fathers day in 5 years that I didn't have a huge BBQ but it was still nice. My girls picked out their own gifts for me and well, umm... it was nice. I still fired up one of the smokers and made a couple slabs of ribs for me and the girls and a Pork Tenderloin for my wife. The ribs turned out great and I was happy to see my 2 little girls enjoy eating ribs for the first time. The tenderloin had good flavor but I think I left it on 30 minutes too long. We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing (too much pain to do anything else) and watching the Woody Woodpecker (greatest cartoons ever) collectors DVD set that my wife got me.

2. Health: I went in for my CT Scan last week and they didn't find any tumors but I still feel like crap. I have been having more good days than bad days lately so I am hoping that the meds are finally starting to kick in, but who knows. I wanted to thank those of you that care for the phone calls and emails that you have sent my way. Even if it isn't serious it is good to know who is in my corner.

3. Death, Are you covered? I remember thinking that I was a little young to be purchasing a life insurance policy 3 years ago but I am glad I pulled then trigger when I did. There is no way in hell that I could get the same type of coverage I have if I tried to sign up today. It is good to know that if something were to happen to me that the family will be more than taken care of.

4. Thomas The Train: Saturday we took the girls to Baldwin City to see Thomas the Train. Everything was great until we rode the train. What a freaking rip off. 35 minute train ride that consisted of staring at 2 junkyards, a house that had a corvette in the drive way but had "outdoor plumbing", flooded farm fields and trash. The funniest part about the whole train ride is that you go backwards for half the time and then go forward the rest. This means that you get to see the Junkyards, trash and flooded farm fields twice. While I say it is was a ripoff it was still worth it because the kids loved it.

5. New Dog: I have decided on a pug but my wife is wanting a Golden Retriever. Can you cross breed the two?

6. Blog: After 9 months I reached the 20k hit mark. Thank you to all of you that make this part of your daily reading. Except for you stalker.....

7. Power Outage: Last Sunday the power to our house went out. This wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that our sump pump lost power. After some brainstorming with some neighbors I ran up to Wal Mart and purchased a power converter that allows me to use my car as a power source and 100 feet of heavy duty extension cord that I ran from the drive way down to the basement. It was pretty simple to hook up and within minutes the basement was saved from certain flooding.