Wednesday, April 09, 2008


1. People are terrible with gossip. How many times have you heard, "I am not suppose to tell you this but......"? or the "You can't say that you mentioned my name"? I love these statements. It usually means that you can never trust that person with what you have or will tell them and eliminates them from your "circle of trust". Most of the time people do this to further their own cause but it typically backfires in the end. The best are those that are sent in to "gather information". They are the easiest to spot and the least trustworthy.

2. Kevin Kietzman is a jack ass - This is not new but needs to be mentioned again today.

3. In a Tub made its way back into the lunch rotation again today. My stomach can only handle that place once every 3 months but it is always worth the wait. Needless to say I am paying the price now for what I ate 3 hours ago.

4. The courtesy flush. This pact amongst guys seems to be a thing of the past.

5. MU & Kansas State fans are the biggest crybabies in the world. Most of your teams suck, deal with it. Nobody wants to hear you complain that KU fan wont stop talking about winning the title. Especially since you are the same idiots that bought Bucknell shirts and wouldn't stop talking about another team (not yours, let me repeat, not yours) beating us in the first round. You should be pissed at your AD for running such a crappy athletic department.

6. I was invited to play in a weekly golf league today. Weekly golf league guy is the same as softball guy and there is no way I am going down that path.

7. My Hate for Roy Williams is over. If anything I feel sorry for him now. Carolina fans have been attacking this guy all week.

8. My hate for T Bone Pickens has just started as for my hate for the wannabe program in the armpit of Oklahoma.

9. 610 sports is absolutely terrible. Their coverage of the Royals & Jayhawks is a joke. How does a station that called itself "The football Channel" for so many years suddenly become the baseball channel?

10. 45 degrees on Saturday & Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap this sucks.