Wednesday, November 14, 2007


1. Someone finally takes a stand against the Chicken Dance.
2. KCMO Police detain Toad. In other parts of town people are getting shot, raped, car jacked etc... but the city sleeps peacefully tonight knowing that Toad is locked up. Bond has not been set.
3. PMS blamed for wife missing. It was odd reading about a guy using PMS to cover up for something. If your last name is Peterson, your name rhymes with acey and you are married the holidays suck for you. First Lacey and now Stacey.
4. We all know that drinking leads to pregnancy but now it is safe to drink while pregnant.
5. Women make crappy carjackers. Expect these 5 to utilize the above mentioned Peterson defense.
6. Crappy drivers are the least of your worries when driving on KC highways. I am all for a draw bridge system surrounding Johnson County.