Monday, April 28, 2008


With the warmer weather hitting the area (and Call of Duty 4) I have found it harder to blog on the weekends.

1. Congratulations to my brothers family on the arrival of the twins.

2. Landscaping - In the coming weeks the landscaping of my yard will begin. I am looking forward to putting our personal touch on the house but not looking forward to the damage that it will do on my all ready messed up back.

3. BBQ season started for me two weeks ago. I have been using the Weber grill the past two weeks and will fire up the smokers this weekend (I hope). While I have given up on plans to hold big BBQ's and even put together a new competition team, this year should still be fun. My new neighbors seem to be extremely interested in learning how to make good quality backyard BBQ so I am sure that they will be over frequently through out the summer.

4. With BBQ season comes motorcycle season. While getting out and riding isn't my #1 priority in life I still like to get out for a few hours every week to clear my head. I have finally picked out the new handlebars for my bike and hope to get them installed by June.

5. Call of Duty 4: As many of you know I became hooked on playing Halo 3 this winter. Well Halo as taken a back burner to Call of Duty 4. The online play of this game is more addictive than crack. If you play this game send me an email, I am always looking for more victims.

6. The Chiefs Draft: Anyone that is still upset that the Chiefs traded the walking 2 time DUI offender need to check themselves after this draft. After listening to sports radio this morning it just goes to show how ignorant most Chiefs fans are. The same callers that were calling in last week saying that the Chiefs sucked are now calling in with playoff hopes.

7. Ice Cream Trucks: The bastards that drive these things through our neighborhoods could be the scariest group of people to reside in our country. We spend every waking moment telling our kids to stay away from strangers, not to take candy from them etc... AND then comes this guy with his clown covered VAN with pictures of Ice cream on the sides driving down our streets with circus music blaring through 15 watt speakers, all to get your kid to COME TO HIS VAN! If school bus drivers and teachers aren't safe for your kids to be around anymore what about Ice Cream truck guy?