Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random Crap

1.  Yes the new Facebook sucks BUT what sucks even worst is hearing people bitch about it all day.
2.  If you can't drive the speed limit on the highway then take the freaking side streets. You are more dangerous than people speeding.  Seen on 69 highway this week
3.  Those of you that txt while you are driving are assholes.  While you are typing "OMG" we are all watching your car swerve in and out of your lane. It's a freaking phone.  Dial the number and TALK. Seen on 69 highway this week
4.  Did I really hear Scott Parks say on todays show that he gets a pass because he has two friends that are black?
5.  Have you noticed that the KC Star puts pictures of skanks on their front page everyday now?  Kinda like a certain blogger that they hate...
6.  Today I actually met someone that hadn't had Caseys Pizza.
7. Do you think that you could study and get good grades if people were getting  shot by 3's in your neighborhood?
8.  Economic Stimulus - Putting inner city drug dealers in school districts in the burbs full of pot heads.